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Atelier Bonryu is my Home Page with main themes of the Lensless Photography and the the Photography by Invisible Light.  It contains also a page on the Seal Carving (presently, only in Japanese).  As the lensless photography the Pinhole (PH) Photography is widely well-known but the Zone plate (ZP) Photography which is not known well among photographers should not be forgotten.  Atelier Bonryu covers both the PH photography and the ZP photography.  

Lensless photography      

* Pinhole Photography
* Zone Plate Photography




As the invisible light photography we place the Infrared (IR) Photography and the Ultraviolet (UV) Photography which are taken by using the near infrared (NIR) light and the near ultraviolet (NUV) light, respectively.  It is possible to take photographs by these invisible lights by  using a commercial digital camera because a sensor of a digital camera can detect the NIR and the UVR lights besides the visible lights.  However, it should be remarked that in a commercially available usual camera a filter in front of a sensor blocks IR and UV lights in order to reduce the effect of these lights on a photograph.  

Invisible light photography    

* Infrared Photography
* Ultraviolet Photography

In this new home page the corner of invisible light photography is now under construction.  Please,visit the old page.


Pinhole photography, zone plate photography, infrared photography, and ultraviolet photography are all characteristically attractive and lead us into the Wonderland of Light and Color.  In the Atelier Bonryu the pages of the pinhole photography, the zone plate photography, the infrared photography , and the ultraviolet photography are composed of galleries and laboratories.  In the galleries characteristic photographs of the lensless camera or the invisible light are displayed.  In the laboratories various subjects from a simple explanation of the basic nature of these photographs to a detailed description on the technical problems are described.


 Seal Carving (now in Japanese only)