Laboratory: Pinhole Photography

In this laboratory we describe “what is the pinhole photography”, “history of pinhole photography”,  “how to take pinhole photographs”, and so on.  Detailed explanations are given in Appendices.

Laboratory of Pinhole Photography: Contents

Outline of Pinhole Photography

History of Pinhole Photography

Taking a Pinhole Photograph

Application of Pinhole Photography

Variety of Pinhole Camera_1: Pinhole Mirror

Variety of Pinhole Camera_2: Double Slit-Plate

Appendix 1  Problems of Aristotle

Appendix 2  Mozi

Appendix 3  Duan Cheng Shi & Shen Kuo

Appendix 4  Optimum Diameter of Pinhole

Appendix 5  Resolution of Pinhole Photography

References for Pinhole Photography