Double Slit-Plate Photographs#1_Figurines

There are a lot of variations of the double slit-plate photography.  Photographs displayed here are those taken by a basic double slit-plate camera.  Two slit-plates with vertical and horizontal slits are placed at 85 mm and 55 mm from the sensor, respectively.  The width of the slit is about 0.3 mm.  The left of the two photographs is taken by a camera with a front plate of a vertical slit and a rear plate of a horizontal slit.  As the vertical slit expresses the horizontal position of the object and vice versa, in the left photograph vertical to horizontal ratio of the object becomes 0.80 (horizontal to vertical ratio is 1.24).  A digital SLR, an Olympus E-300 was used to take these photographs.

●[1-2] A fattish and a slender angel of a music box were photographed.  Brass balls which sound pleasantly by wagging are placed in grasses with the angel.

●[3-4] They must be wooden cats of tropical island.  They are enshrined in my bookshelf and watch over us with a Japanese self-rising dragon doll.

●[5-6] A matryomin is a musical instrument made by combining a Russian doll matroska and a Russian musical instrument theremin.

●[7-8] This wooden zebu is a Brazilian souvenir.  Polished surface brightens and it is virile-looking.

●[9-10] A lying foreign cat becomes slimmer in a landscape frame taken by the double slit-plate camera.  Though these foreign cats were unrealistic from the beginning they become even more spacey.