Laboratory: Zone Plate Photography

In this laboratory we describe “what is the zone plate photography”, “history of zone plate photography”,  “how to take zone plate photographs”, and so on.  Detailed explanations are given in Appendices.

Laboratory of Zone Plate Photography: Contents

Outline of Zone Plate Photography

History of Zone Plate Photography

Principle of Zone Plate Photography
         Rectilinearly Proceeding Light
         Diffraction and Interference of Light
         Zone Plate Patterns
         Projection of an Object by Zone Plate
         Focusing and Depth of Field (DoF)
         Number of Zones and Depth of Field
         Dependence of DoF on Wavelength

Taking a Zone Plate Photograph and Image Processing
         Preparation of a Zone Plate
         Soft and Sharp Photograph by Zone Plate
         Background Light, Halo, and Haze
         Clear Finish (1)
         Clear Finish (2)
         Zone Plate HDR Photography
         Chromatic Aberration
         Macro-Photography (1)
         Macro-Photography (2)

Application of Zone Plate Photography
         Astronomical Observation
         Zone Plate Photography by Invisible Light
         Diffractive Lens
         Guiding and Gathering Electromagnetic Waves

Various Zone Plates
         Phase-type Zone Plate
         Photon Sieve
         Orthogonal Linear Zone Plate
         Slit Zone Plate
         Fractal Zone Plate


   Appendix 1: Radius of a Zone
   Appendix 2: Formula of Imaging
   Appendix 3: Oblique Incidence
   Appendix 4: Depth of Focus and Depth of Field
   Appendix 5: Background Light
   Appendix 6: Chromatic Aberration
   Appendix 7: Sub-Focus
   Appendix 8: Phase-type Zone Plate
   Appendix 9: Fractal Zone Plate
   Appendix 10: How to Make a Zone Plate Camera(1)__Zone Plate Pattern
   Appendix 11: How to Make a Zone Plate Camera (2)__Exchangeable Zone Plate