1940    Born at Urawa, Saitama, Japan. 
1947 – 1953  Primary school attached to Saitama University.
1953    Started taking photographs by using a twin-lens reflex camera.
1953 – 1956  Junior high school attached to Saitama University.
1956 – 1959  Hibiya metropolitan high school.
1959 – 1963  The University of Tokyo (Department of Physics, Faculty of Science)   
  High speed photography, X-ray photography
1963    B. Sc. (Physics)
1963 – 1968  Graduate school of the University of Tokyo. 
  Plasma physics, Accelerator physics
1965    M. Sc. (Physics)
1968    D. Sc. (Physics)
1969 – 1994  Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
   (Head, Plasma Theory Laboratory, Nuclear Fusion Research) 
  Plasma physics, Nuclear fusion research, Computational physics
1984    Started engraving stone seals
1994 – 2006  The University of Electro-Communications
  (Professor, Department of Computer Sciences)
  Computational physics, Neural network, Image processing
2002    Started taking photographs by lensless cameras
2006    Professor Emeritus, The University of Electro-Communications
  Started taking photographs by infrared and ultraviolet lights