Under the Blue Sky

After I moved to Mito from Tokyo in 2006, I have been taking pinhole photographs by using an Olympus digital SLR camera, E-300.  As the Ibaraki prefectural office which had been located at the central Mito for 69 years from 1930 to 1999 was relocated to the suburb where I live, I took a lot of objects of pinhole photographs in the neighborhood of the new prefectural office.  And also I took many pinhole photographs at the National Hitachi Seaside Park located at the northeast of Mito city, where we can enjoy various flowers at each season throughout a year.

●[1-5] Different from Tokyo there are scarcely high-rise buildings here in Ibaraki prefecture.  Hight of a building other than the prefectural office building is mostly less than 100 m, which makes streets of Mito-city very comfortable with the vast blue sky.  Various flowers and the cherry blossom in acres of room make us feel refreshed.  Beautiful roses are seen against the blue sky.

●[6-8] Though the front entrance of the building is located in the south side I took a garden lantern, a small open space, and buildings in the northern side of the office building.

●[9-14] In a spring the fine lookout hill of the Hitachi Seaside Park is colored blue by flowers of the nemophila.  We can enjoy the varied landscapes in the seaside park as the waterworks near the west gate, the untamed forrest of Hitachi-Naka, and so on.